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Training Day and EMAC (Electric IMAC)
To be scheduled for 2022

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EMAC is a new category introduced by the UK branch of IMAC to provide scale aerobatics competitions for pilots who prefer flying reasonably sized electric powered planes and/or would like to limit competition to a similar size of airframes.

The flying and judging rules are following IMAC, but there are three key differences:

Electric Propulsion Only

Quiet propulsion enables you to practice and us to host competitions at noise-sensitive sites.

Wingspan Limit of Two Meters

Limits the competition to reasonably sized electric-powered airframes. (78" 3/4)

One Day Competition

Unlike IMAC's 2 days events, EMAC will be one-day competitions to better suit pilots with busy diaries.


Do I need to fly a scale model? Can I fly F3A plane?

Because EMAC and IMAC are scale model competitions, the rules only allow a non-scale airframe in the Basic class.

Will there be more EMAC competitions in the future?

That's the plan, however, we need to gain enough interest first. Please join us on the first EMAC event and if you can't make those dates, please still drop us a message to show interest so we can plan ahead.

Will I be pushed to switch to IMAC?

Absolutely not. EMAC and IMAC will run alongside each other. You can of course change, or even fly both disciplines if you wish.

Do overall yearly scores transfer from EMAC to IMAC and vice versa?

No, EMAC and IMAC scores will be recorded separately.

Can I just fly IMAC with an electric plane under 2 meters?

Of course, EMAC is there to level up the field and make scale competition flying more affordable. If you don't mind flying alongside larger IC planes, please join!

I don't think my flying is at competition standard, should I join anyway?

Actually, getting flying skills to a competition standard is best done by joining the competitions - simply because experienced pilots will be very keen to help you out and provide useful tips and pointers. We are only competitive when our wheels are up, otherwise, we are a friendly bunch and we help each other.

Which class should I choose?

If you are a complete novice, we recommend the Basic class. There are many fundamental precision flying skills that need to be built up before moving up to higher classes. 

If you have any experience for example with F3A or with IMAC previously, then Sportsman or Intermediate might suit better. 

Why aren't you flying Advanced and Unlimited classes in EMAC?

The first EMAC competition is missing those classes because the Introduction Day and the EMAC competition after is designed to suit mostly new competition pilots. 

Also, we recognise smaller-scale models are more difficult to fly precisely especially in gusty wind conditions than the typically large and heavy IMAC planes. As the number of pilots flying EMAC increases and the Intermediate class won't be challenging anymore for some pilots, we will add another class.