What's the Weekend All About?

The aim of this weekend is to help people who have never flown IMAC sequences to fly them. The underlying aim here is to have fun while doing it. While it sounds complicated, a sequence is just a series of maneuvres; loops, rolls etc. combined together... the challenge is doing it well, consistently. And therein is the reason why we think everyone who is serious about their flying should have a go at IMAC - it will make you a better pilot.


Do I Need a "Big" Plane?

Whilst a larger aircraft will undoubtedly help, you should be able to get a good feel for IMAC using a mid-winged .90-sized glow engine or a 20cc petrol. It is probably more important to have an aircraft that is well setup for aerobatics; this is something we can help you with.



The 2017 Introduction to IMAC weekend is very kindly being hosted by the Avon Model Aero Radio Club. You can find information about their club and location here.


An Overview of the Weekend

To get the most out of the weekend it is best to come for both Saturday and Sunday (camping onsite, hotels nearby). We recognise this isn't possible for everyone and it is much better for someone to come for one of the days than not at all. Due to the way the weekend is likely to be structured it will be difficult to turn up and join in on only the Sunday as we will be building upon things learned during the Saturday session. However if you can only attend on Sunday then please do!

Each day will begin with a mandatory pilot's briefing at 9.30am and continue until around 4pm.


Any Questions?

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Next Event

Tour dates released & competition entry open!

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